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Welcome to the I/O International, Inc. Home Page

The "Everything You Want to Know About DMAS" web site !!!

I/O International provides information systems, consulting services, training and custom, as well as off‑the‑shelf software and enhancement packages for DMAS (Distributors Management Accounting System) users and users of IBM iSeries 400 (AS/400) computer systems.

The contents of this web site will be of great interest to current DMAS users as well as other users of IBM iSeries 400 systems.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us.


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What's New at I/O ???   . . . I/O DMAS Plus! . . . The newest upgrade for the entire DMAS product family . . . All installed as a single 'package' . . . Improved and enhanced A/R transaction entry . . . New A/R Invoice Search / Inquiry with additional functions . . . New DMAS Pricing Precision at the Price Class level and/or at the Customer level . . . New A/R Bank Payment Processing from financial institution file . . . New Quotation Management including automatic purging of old quotes . . . Improved and enhanced Cash Projections in DMAS Executive Summary . . . New Item Order Entry Notes / Instructions for DMAS order entry . . . New G/L Enhancements for DMAS . . . New A/P Enhancements for DMAS . . . New Inventory Control Enhancements for DMAS . . . New Inter-Warehouse Transfer Enhancement for DMAS . . . New Inventory Management Enhancements for DMAS . . . Previous Search/Inquiry functions significantly improved or rewritten . . . Several New interactive Search/Inquiry functions . . . New or Significantly Improved User Friendly File Maintenance for nearly all DMAS master files . . . New 'Open Order Management' Enhancement . . . Bar Code assisted receiving, put-away, picking and replenishment enhancements . . . 'Kits on the Fly' with I/O's Item Features & Options enhancement . . . CRM Enhancement integrated with DMAS . . . DMAS Backup now utilizes IBM Virtual Tape technology . . . Narratives available for DMAS PTF 772, 773, 774 . . . and many, many more !! The latest DMAS enhancements from I/O International
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View information about I/O DMAS Plus!DMAS for the 21st Century!
Now available exclusively from I/O International
. . . a significant upgrade to nearly every application within the DMAS product family, including a large number of new and some previously available I/O enhancements for DMAS, all from I/O International Click Here for more information about this exciting new offering !

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I/O International, Inc. is:

An IBM Certified e-Business Partner

IBM Certified e-Business Partner

A DMAS Authorized Business Partner
for over 30 years

An Arrow/SupportNet Solution Provider

Authorized DMAS Business Partner

Arrow/SupportNet Solution Provider

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